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Total Health with Dr. Beth McQuinn

Total Health with Dr. Beth McQuin can be heard Wednesdays at 7:55am during Morning Devotion with Mark Holland on KCIS 630 in Seattle.

Latest episode:

5/24/17 - Treating Depression

48 episodes

Always Faithful

Featuring Athena Dean Holtz on KCIS 630 in Seattle, WA. Tune in Fridays from 1:00pm-1:30pm.

Latest episode:

5/26/17 - Interviews with Jen Pollock Michel & Dr. Laura-Lee Clancy Kelley

23 episodes

Senior Living Moments with Shelly Parks

Talking about aging and how to navigate the process with the right information and planning.

Latest episode:

4/29/15 - Community vs. Isolation

17 episodes

Morning Devotion

Recent interviews heard during Morning Devotion on KCIS 630.

Latest episode:

5/3/17 - Interview with Kelly Minter

40 episodes

Newsmakers Weekend

Featuring Keith Black. A news program looking at the top stories and other issues of concern to the church locally, nationally and internationally.

Latest episode:

Newsmakers Weekend
Saturday, May 27, 2017

26 episodes

Overcoming with Dr. Gregg Jantz Radio Show

Take the opportunity to talk one-on-one with Dr. Jantz so you can start on your path to overcoming what is holding you back. Overcoming can be heard Monday at 1pm and Fridays at 7:55am on KCIS 630 in Seattle.

Latest episode:

5/22/17 - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD

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Talking Dogs

Get dog training advice and tips from the experts at Canine Behavior Center, Inc. Talking Dogs can be heard Tuesdays at 7:55am and Saturdays at 3:25pm on KCIS 630 in Seattle.

Latest episode:

5/23/17 - New Dog Breeds

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Plumb True

Start your week off right with encouraging words of faith…and some expert plumbing advice. Plumb True can be heard Mondays at 7:55am on KCIS 630 in Seattle.

Latest episode:

5/22/17 - ID for Free

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