The State Of The Church
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I came across a study the other day about the state of the church. It is a 2016 survey but I still found it interesting looking through the results.

Here is the full study.

A few interesting takeaways:

  • 75% of Americans identify as Christians
  • 55% attend church. 45% don't attend church.
  • Most church going individuals prefer small churches

Looking through this information is a simple reminder to me that we have each been on an individual faith journey. We can't put everyone in the same box, nor should we. We should seek to learn from one another, looking to the Bible as our ultimate truth and resting in the hope that Jesus is after each one of us. Perhaps also this information is a reminder that people are seeking truth and deep down inside they long for the saving grace of Jesus. Amidst a world as chaotic as the one we are in at the moment, this gives me great hope!

Do any of these stats surprise you?

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