Ten Top Questions about Dinosaurs, Cavemen & Creation

Edgewood Baptist Church, 20406 76th Ave W, Edmonsd
Sunday, April 14, 2013

This is a live, 50-minute, colorful DIGITAL message with accompanying displays and Q & A.  We will explore what most Creation scientists and scholars have concluded about 10 relevant issues regarding our beginnings.  Dr. Tom Hoyle speaks full time on the Bible and science.  Since 1985 he has given his clear, interesting and politely entertaining presentations over 3,500 times in numerous churches and schools across the country and the world.

 Event Admission Fee (if any): none

 Event Sponsor: Edgewood Baptist Church

 Phone Number: (425) 776-5104

 Web Site: http://www.ebc-edmonds.org

 Public Email: office@ebc-edmonds.org

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