2013 Women's Prayer Conference

Hilton Hotel, 301 W. 6th St, Vancouver
Friday, April 26, 2013 to Saturday, April 27, 2013
7pm, 7am-11am, 6pm

2013 Women's Prayer Conference will be a time of renewal and restoration. We are gathering together to seek the face of God and not his hand. We are coming together to strengthen and sharpen our iron.

 If a woman is currently enrolled  or attending any drug treatment programs, domestic abuse shelters or women's shelters, registration is FREE!  It must be a licensed or 501(c)3 or state-funded program. You can get more information by contacting Keisha Johnson, 253-267-2609. She will verify and provide more information. We want to be blessing to the lost and those in need of restoration.

 Register in Advance @ www.prayerrescuehouseministries.com click donate and pay your $20 registration fee.

 Event Admission Fee (if any): $20.00 Registration Fee (Non-Refundable) 12 years and Under is FREE!

 Event Sponsor: Prayer Rescue House Ministries

 Phone Number: (253) 267-2609

 Web Site: http://www.hilton.com/en/hi/groups/personalized/P/PDXVAHH-623-20130426/index.jhtml?WT.mc_id=POG

 Public Email: bradleymissmoe@aol.com

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