Harmony Circle

The Reserve at Newcastle, 15321 SE 80th St, Newcastle
Saturday, March 16, 2013

BraveHeart Women's Harmony Circles are happening around the world!

 Come Connect with other like-hearted women in a meaningful and transformative way.

 Heal your relationship to your own divine feminine energy, strengthening your self-worth.

 Allow yourself to become part of a movement of women who collaborate for harmony on our planet.

 Reignite your professional purpose with the creative fire of collaboration

 Master the art of maintaining a sense of ease by coming out of fight, flight or freeze.

 Oxytocin is a natural hormone in your body, learn how to boost it and enjoy its benefits.

 No longer feel isolated and alone because of the fears that distort your view of other women.

 You have been called to embody your purpose...

to collaborate with other women.....

to bring harmony to our planet....

It's time to say YES!  Join Us..........

 Event Admission Fee (if any): FREE

 Event Sponsor: BraveHeart Women

 Phone Number: (425) 443-6465

 Public Email: sylvia.miller@braveheartwomenresonate.com


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