Pastor Jeff Knight with his wife, MelindaWinning Souls: The Purpose of a Cause-Driven Life

with Pastor Jeff Knight

Saturdays at 12:15 pm

The Rock Church
Monroe, WA, where Jeff Knight is Lead Pastor
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Show Description:

Since human beings began recording their thoughts, the most enduring questions that have flowed from the hearts of men have been questions related to purpose:  Who am I? Where did I come from?  Why am I here?

Perhaps this is why, in recent years, Christian ministry has focused increasingly on the subject of purpose.  In this day and age when it is easy for believers to get lost in their megacities, their megachurches and a world that is bursting at the seams with unimaginable population growth, the search for individual significance is more important than ever.  No one wants to think of his or her life as meaningless. 

Winning Souls is about the age-old truth that the primary purpose of the believer is to glorify God and fulfill the eternal purpose of the Lord by winning souls for his Son.  Wherever God may place a believer, that individual’s secondary purpose is to do his work with excellence and thus forge his legacy while he achieves his goals.  But wherever he or she may work or mingle, the primary reason God has placed the believer in that arena is to bear witness to Christ.  God wants every believer to identify and infiltrate that particular subculture of society where he can achieve his calling and thereby represent Christ most effectively. 

Winning souls will be a combination of short messages to inspire believers to live the life of a winning soul.  It will feature stories about soul wining.  It will profile a winning soul, and reveal the heart of someone who is in it to win souls.  It will highlight principles and the theology of winning souls.  Jeff Knight will monologue some episodes and interview other winning souls, people who understand the purpose of a cause-driven life.

Jeff Knight Bio

Jeff Knight is the lead pastor of The Rock Church, a large and innovative family of believers in Monroe, Washington. But pastoral ministry is Jeff’s “day” job. His other job and his secondary passion in life is stock car racing. In fact, Jeff is a professional NASCAR driver.

Jeff became the lead pastor of “The Rock” in 2000 when his parents were tragically killed in a plane crash off the coast of California while returning from a missionary trip to Mexico. Joe and Linda Knight had established The Rock Church when Jeff was just a boy. But as the church grew under Joe and Linda’s guidance, Jeff also grew in the knowledge and the favor of God. And under tragic circumstances, Jeff assumed responsibility for the church shortly after his parents’ death.

Like most other people, Jeff has suffered his share of pain in life. But Jeff lives to win; he does not dwell in the past and he takes no satisfaction in merely surviving. In fact, he hates to perform below his potential. In his personal life, in his ministry, and on the racetrack, Jeff lives “full throttle” and he lives to win. He strives to achieve every goal God has set before him, and he tries to impact as many lives as possible while pursuing the prize. This explains why Jeff leaves his pastoral study every weekend to get his hands dirty in the real world. This explains why he leaves the familiarity of his church environment to purposely place himself within a subculture of people who are often unrefined, yet who need the love of God.

Through the way he lives, the way he wins, the way he conducts himself within the racing world, and even the way he loses, Jeff is winning hearts and changing lives while steering people to the Lord and to his church. And through the way he presents the Gospel when the opportunity arises, Jeff is winning souls, too, and building a congregation of others who do the same. In fact, The Rock is a soul-winning factory and a fast-paced school of personal discipleship.

Along with his wife, Melinda, and his daughter, Seven Addison, Jeff is showing his congregants how to live triumphantly and with God’s favor in every aspect of their lives, and he is equipping them and supporting them as they impact those in their own assigned areas of influence. Conducting himself as an unabashed representative of Christ while on the racetrack, Jeff is commanding the respect of those inside and outside his church who formerly questioned his “double” lifestyle. By winning at ministry, therefore, Jeff is reproducing his own talents hundreds of times over in others. And by winning at life, Jeff is drawing individuals to Christ and influencing both his community and a subculture of American life that few believers can affect. Jeff Knight is a winning soul.