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Hank Hanegraaff serves as president and chairman of the board of the North Carolina-based Christian Research Institute. He is also host of the Bible Answer Man radio program, which is broadcast daily across the United States and Canada—as well as around the world through the Internet at

Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading Christian apologists, Hanegraaff is deeply committed to equipping Christians to be so familiar with truth that when counterfeits loom on the horizon, they recognize them instantaneously.

Through his live call-in radio broadcast, Hanegraaff equips Christians to read the Bible for all it’s worth, answers questions on the basis of careful research and sound reasoning, and interviews today’s most significant leaders, apologists, and thinkers.

Hanegraaff is the author of several award-winning, best-selling books, including The Prayer of Jesus, Christianity in Crisis, and Resurrection, the latter providing a stirring and persuasive defense of the central event in Christianity. Resurrection and Christianity in Crisis each won the Gold Medallion for Excellence in Christian Literature awarded by the Evangelical Christian Publisher’s Association.

Nearly two decades ago, Hanegraaff’s Christianity in Crisis alerted the world to the dangers of the Word of Faith movement, which threatened to undermine the very foundations of biblical faith in the 20th century. Now, in the 21st century, there are new dangers—new teachers who threaten to do more damage than the former. In response, Hanegraaff has recently released Christianity in Crisis: 21st Century, which exposes the new darkness to light, pointing us back to a Christianity centered in Christ.

Other award-winning, best-sellers by Hanegraaff include Counterfeit Revival and The FACE that Demonstrates the Farce of Evolution, with the latter also having been published in a condensed version as Fatal Flaws: What Evolutionists Don’t Want You to Know. Also, he is the author of The Apocalypse Code: Find Out What the Bible REALLY Says about the End Times…And Why It Matters Today, which presents in a memorable format the basic tools of biblical interpretation—Hanegraaff considers The Apocalypse Code to be his magnum opus. And in 2008, Hanegraaff released The Complete Bible Answer Book—Collector’s Edition, which clearly and concisely answers common questions regarding Christianity, culture, and cults, in addition to tackling some of the most complex questions including, “How can Christians legitimize a God who orders the genocide of entire nations?” and “How could the Bible command a rape victim to marry her rapist?”

Additional works by Hanegraaff include, The Legacy Study Bible, The Covering: God’s Plan to Protect You from Evil, and The Third Day.

He is also co-author of The Last Disciple fiction series, Fuse of Armageddon, The Da Vinci Code: Fact or Fiction? and Seven Questions of a Promise Keeper.

He is a regular contributor to the Christian Research Journal and The Plain Truth magazine. A popular conference speaker, he addresses churches, schools, and businesses worldwide and appears on national media broadcasts to discuss a wide range of issues.

Hanegraaff and his wife, Kathy, live in Charlotte, North Carolina and are parents to twelve children.

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