Songs in the Night

with Erwin Lutzer

Sunday at 10:00 pm

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For 60 years, Songs in the Night has been bringing hope, comfort, and encouragement to believers around the globe. With its unique combination of music and devotional commentary, Songs in the Night helps people to relax and unwind in preparation for another busy week.

Over the years, Songs in the Night has been hosted by such men as Torrey Johnson, Lloyd Fesmire, and George Sweeting, becoming known as one of America's best-loved religious broadcasts.

This 30-minute Sunday evening program is presently hosted by Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer, Senior Pastor of The Moody Church. His teaching is interspersed with music by the King's Karollers, Glenn Jorian, Burt Kettinger, and John Innes. In a world that often seems to be falling apart, Songs in the Night provides the heavenly perspective that we so desperately need.

Songs in the Night 1993 National Religious Broadcasters award for Excellence in Christian Programming.

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