Road to Reality

with Dr. KP Yohannan

Sundays at 7:30-8:00am
Thursdays at 1:00-1:30pm 

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Road to Reality, highlights the teaching messages of Dr. KP Yohannan. Listener feedback suggests thousands throughout the US and Canada have been have been spiritually impacted by his teaching.  Dr. KP gracefully and lovingly countermands the shallow, self-serving, topical gospel of much of the Western church. His messages challenge listeners to question their motives in light of the reality of the lost world, and communicates a rarely heard, traditional discipleship message that encourages a strong walk with Christ. Road to Reality offers a window to the mission field and gives us clear direction on how we can take action to make a difference. His passion is addictive and inspires us to act in obedience to Christ.

Each day, followers of Christ are called to die to themselves and their flesh. The Road to Reality asks people to seek a deeper walk with Christ, to live a life wholly centered on Him and to reach out to those who are lost.

Hundreds of radio stations across the nation air K.P. Yohannan's thought-provoking Road to Reality messages on how to die to yourself daily, live for Christ and develop a passion to reach the lost and dying.

Comments left by listeners speak of the transformation they encountered after hearing these messages.
Here's what they are saying:

  • "My faith in God has grown, as well as my love for his people around the world. The Holy Spirit has touched my heart."
    -Roger, Englewood, CO
  • "I recently was blessed to hear Brother K.P.'s broadcast on XM radio. The Lord has opened my eyes to the hidden message of missionaries to Asia. I had no idea and feel that a lot of my brothers and sisters in Christ are unaware as well. I will do my part to share this very valuable information with everyone."
    -Amy, Wytheville, VA

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