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with Carrie Abbott

Monday-Friday at 12:30pm, 6:30pm

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Our Mission:
The Legacy Institute delivers educational resources that empower people to be whole in a sexually broken culture.

We believe this process begins in the home and is reinforced through the church, private schools and community organizations that work with youth and family.

Parents First:
At The Legacy Institute, we see parents as the primary sexual educators of their own children. Parents have been given the responsibility to teach their children about the sacred nature of life, the power of authentic love and the lasting influence of their legacy. They are the most qualified to raise the next generation of children to be whole individuals who can enter into lifelong, healthy marriage relationships. To be sure, other influential adults will be part of this important process, so it is the mission of The Legacy Institute to equip parents and their purposeful delegates with language, tools and resources to do just that.

Carrie Abbott:
As a founder and President of The Legacy Institute, Carrie is the lead educator and go-to expert on philosophy and content for the Legacy Institute. Carrie oversees research and development of theology and curriculum at Legacy, serves as a consultant to other organizations, and teaches nationwide.

With over 23 years of teaching, Carrie is a tremendously popular national speaker. She is considered by her colleagues as one of the best communicators and leading innovators on the topic of relationships and human sexuality.  She has spoken to tens of thousands of people all across the nation, in venues as diverse as:  state legislatures, churches, universities, youth events, medical associations, conferences, banquets, broadcast radio & TV, is featured in several video series, and has her own radio show in Seattle.

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