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Saturday at 10:00 pm

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For twenty yearsour Lamplighter team has eagerly anticipated the creation of Lamplighter Theatre Audio Drama. We have prayed and planned while waiting for the Lord’s perfect timing. The time has now come. Many significant factors have led us to believe that God is paving the way for the launching of Lamplighter Theatre. Recently Mark Hamby, founder and president of Lamplighter, was interviewed on Family Life Today radio broadcast with Dennis Rainey, Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and Moody Bible Network’s Prime Time America with Greg Wheatley. During these interviews Mark discussed the redemptive influence Lamplighter stories have had throughout our country and around the world.

Each gripping story, written over a century ago, is character-building and biblically based, filled with dynamic role models and life-giving truths. The response from the radio listening audience was so overwhelming that we realized that a large segment of the Christian population is starving for something deeper—something that will reach their hearts, cultivate hope, and bring redemption to their broken lives. Something that will take them into the very presence of God.

Family Life Today

Featuring Dennis Rainey