Insight For Living

with Chuck Swindoll

Monday-Friday at 10:00 am
Monday-Friday at 7:40 am (Insights)
Sundays at 7:30 am 

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Insight for Living is committed to excellence in communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear, and practical manner so that people will come to an understanding of God’s plan for their lives, as well as their significant role as authentic Christians in a needy, hostile, and desperate world.

The primary vehicle to accomplish this mission is a half-hour radio broadcast distributed both domestically and internationally. This program, along with a biblically based counseling service, Bible study guides, books, compact discs, MP3s, and other materials, supports our purpose of communicating biblical truth and its application. We are wholly dedicated to this calling.

In order to accomplish the mission stated above, Insight for Living is made up of many behind-the-scenes support ministries. We’ve chosen some of them to profile below, so you can become more familiar with the different facets of our ministry.

Southern Gospel Sunday

Featuring Duayne Kent