Friendship with God

with Tom Cantor

Weekdays 4:30am-5:00am, 10:30am-11:00am

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Brief Program Description:

Friendship with God is an exciting new radio program hosted by Tom Cantor. This program is something new, fresh, and exciting with much of the teaching based out of the Old Testament. Tom Cantor is a born again Jewish Christian and follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. Tom Cantor has a way of bringing the Jewish scriptures in the Old Testament to life, and the response has been amazing! Tom Cantor has the heart of a pastor, and is a master teacher of communicating the Old Testament in modern day expressions. Tom is able to teach Bible principles that empower and encourage Gentiles, as well as teach the Jewish people about their God and Messiah. Tom Cantor will teach you the Old Testament as if you were Jewish, in the same way that our Jewish Savior taught His Jewish friends. 

“Your best friend is the one who knows the worst about you…and loves you just the same, and that best friend is God.” – Tom Cantor

So what is Friendship with God? Picture yourself waiting for your friend to arrive at the airport. Your eyes pass from person to person.  Suddenly eyes meet, you smile.  You found your friend.  If that person was God – would you both say – “Friend?”  Join me, Tom Cantor, to start or deepen your personal Friendship with God every weekday at 10:30am on KCIS Seattle/Vancouver 630AM

Send a Jewish person a FREE Gospel GiftAbout host Tom Cantor:

Tom Cantor is a Jewish scientist and businessman who started Scantibodies Laboratory with $130 in his garage. But, his greatest passion is the person of the Lord Jesus Christ who changed his life in 1970 as he put his trust in Him. Tom gives his life to bringing this great treasure to all people, but especially the Jewish people through Israel Restoration Ministries. Tom is also a Creationist Scientist and through the Life and Light Foundation operates the Creation and Earth History Museum in Santee. Tom was also the 2009 Whistleblower of the Year and helping thousands of patients lives. Tom has the heart of a pastor teaching at his church in San Diego, and teaching from the Bible on a half hour weekday radio broadcast called "Friendship with God" which is heard in over 2,000 cities throughout the US and overseas.

Friendship with God is sponsored by Israel Restoration Ministries

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Tom Cantor also owns and operates the Creation & Earth History Museum

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