Discover the Word

with Alice Mathews, Brian Hettinga, Haddon W. Robinson and Mart De Haan

Monday-Friday at 6:40 am

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Radio Bible Class Daily began in 1980, airing messages by Radio Bible Class (RBC) teachers. Richard De Haan, Paul Van Gorder, and past favorites by RBC founder, Dr. M. R. De Haan were featured. From time to time, a panel of RBC staff members and guests was assembled to discuss important topics. These “Friday panel discussions” became quite popular, and a few years later the program went exclusively to the topical discussion format with Herb Vander Lugt, Jim Pittman, Ron Chadwick, and Mart De Haan as the regular teachers. Then in 1991, Haddon Robinson and Alice Mathews joined Mart De Haan and in a more expositional way, work through Bible passages to find direction for daily living.

In 1998, the program became known as Discover the Word. But the format remained intact. It’s designed to involve you in insightful conversations about biblically based subjects that relate to you. Over the years, the trio has developed an inviting style of discussion, using creative and varied teaching methods to help listeners apply Scripture to their daily lives.

For those who’ve grown up in the church, the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection may have become overly familiar. Sometimes we forget the magnitude of His suffering on the cross! Let's help restore the awe of Easter. We’re talking about “Malchus.”
If you’ve ever spent time with a toddler you know that listening isn’t their strong suit! And unfortunately, even as adults we don’t always listen well.
Think you know how God is going to act in a certain situation? Think again! Let's look at how Jesus surprised a man named “Malchus,” and how the Lord continues to surprise us today with His goodness and love!