A New Beginning

with Greg Laurie

Monday-Friday at 8:30 pm
Monday-Friday at 4:25 am (A Time For Harvest)

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Harvest: Greg Laurie is committed to "Knowing God and making him known." Outreach is a very large part of the realization of this vision. Pastor Greg Laurie's daily radio program A New Beginning, is broadcast on more than 500 radio outlets daily across the nation and internationally. Harvest Crusades, large-scale evangelistic outreaches, have been held throughout the US, and in Canada, New Zealand and Australia since 1990.

Greg Laurie is the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, and Harvest Orange County in Irvine, California. The church is committed to this vision locally by following the Acts chapter 2 model of teaching, worship, prayer, fellowship, evangelism, and communion. The Lord has faithfully added to the number and it now has one of the largest congregations in America. 

A productive walk with the Lord is a consistent, daily obedience, not a frenetic search for the next emotional experience. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us learn to walk worthy of our calling before God.
Considering all the Lord has given us and done for us, we're then called to respond and live in a certain way. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us understand that calling.
It's one thing to come forward for Christ, it's another to GO forward for Christ. Pastor Greg Laurie helps us check ourselves to see if we're truly growing in our day-to-day walk with the Lord.

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