Program Guide - Saturday

12:00 AM Quiet Time Music Music Program   866-626-KCIS   Website Email
5:00 AM Ministry & Lifestyle Programming   206-546-7350     Email
7:00 AM The Christian Car Guy Radio Show Robby Dilmore 866-348-7884 Play Website Email
8:00 AM Breakpoint This Week John Stonestreet 800-995-8777 Play Website  
8:30 AM Family Life This Week Dennis Rainey 800-FL-TODAY Play Website Email
9:00 AM Always Faithful
Athena Dean Holtz 844-831-3777 Play Website Email
10:00 AM In the Market Janet Parshall 877-548-3675 Play
11:00 AM The Eric Metaxas Show Eric Metaxas 800-973-1684 Play
12:00 PM Newmakers Weekend Keith Black 866-626-KCIS Play Website Email
12:15 PM KCIS More Music Saturday   866-626-KCIS   Website Email
6:00 PM Focus on the Family Weekend Magazine John Fuller 800-A-FAMILY Play Website Email
7:00 PM Ministry & Lifestyle Programming   206-546-7350     Email
7:30 PM Paws N' Tales   866-968-PAWS Play Website Email
8:00 PM Life at the Pond   800-828-0903 Play Website Email
8:30 PM Adventures in Odyssey   800-A-FAMILY Play Website Email
9:00 PM Down Gilead Lane   888-224-2324 Play Website Email
9:30 PM Focus on the Family Radio Theatre   800-A-FAMILY Play Website Email
10:00 PM Lamplighter Theatre    888-A-GOSPEL Play Website Email
10:30 PM Unshackled Pacific Garden Mission 312-492-9419 Play Website Email
11:00 PM Steve Brown, Etc. Steve Brown    

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The Narrow Path

Featuring Steve Gregg