AM630 KCIS - 60th Anniversary

60 year Anniversary

In the midst of advancements in technology and the ever-changing media industry, KCIS has remained a constant support for listeners in western Washington for sixty years. Born out of a prayer from Mike Martin, founder of CRISTA Ministries, AM630 KCIS sent its first broadcast across the airwaves on November 14th, 1954. On that day, KCIS became the Christian inspiration station providing biblical teachings and content for thousands of listeners throughout the greater Puget Sound area and continues to do so today.

“I am so pleased to be a part of AM630 KCIS for the last 20 years - a station that has had more or less the same format for 60 years. Sixty years is a real milestone in the Seattle broadcast market.   People have literally grown up listening to KCIS and we are so blessed to have been there offering spiritual comfort and information all these years. Listener partnership - prayerfully and financially - with the Ministry of KCIS has truly built a unique community of faith gathered around the radio.” --Program Director, Mark Holland.

Throughout 2014, KCIS will be hosting a variety of events and opportunities for listeners, donors and staff alike to get involved and celebrate the last 60 years. We invite you to join us as we share stories and celebrate KCIS’s 60th anniversary! Complete information can be found on

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